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Remote Visual InspectionVisual Inspection (VI) is one of the most widely used Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) methods for the detection of discontinuities before they develop into major problems. Areas where visual inspection can be utilized are; poor welding, corrosion and pitting, general condition monitoring, surface degradation & defects and protective coating monitoring.

Visual Inspection means the inspection of equipment, structures or vessels using a combination of the following human senses; vision, hearing and touch. Visual Inspection often works in conjunction with a number of the following NDT methods; UT, EC, MT, PT or RT.

Remote Visual Inspection

Visual Inspection can also be carried out with the aid of devices such as a magnifying glass, flash lights, borescopes, digital video borescopes and camera systems to provide Remote Visual Inspection (RVI).

NDTS highly trained inspectors employ robotics, fiber optic cameras, borescopes and other instrumentation and recording systems to conduct RVI on equipment such as piping systems, vessels, turbines, boilers and heat exchangers.

Data can be recorded onto various storage media for viewing and storage.

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