NDTS Inspection Services

NDTS believes it is the Kazakhstan leader in testing and inspection services, having a network of employees situated in offices and laboratories in key locations throughout the Republic of Kazakhstan. NDTS has established the first Western practice Inspection Company in Kazakhstan, and currently holds prime position in the market place at major locations.

We provide a full range of Conventional and Advanced inspection, non-destructive testing and heat treatment services throughout Kazakhstan. With our main operational office in Atyrau we also have offices in Almaty, Aktau, TCO’s Tengiz facility, Aksai and in the Karabatan site servicing the Kashagan oilfield both on and offshore.

NDTS is a Kazakh entity and local content is a high priority for our company. We now have over 100 trained national inspection staff and have a rolling training program to continue to enhance their knowledge and experience in conventional and advanced inspection.

Established in 2003 we are now the largest independent NDE/NDT inspection company in Kazakhstan. We aim to be the most competitive and productive service organization in terms of cost, reliability, safety, quality, and scheduling by providing single source management for our clients.

Why Choose Us?

NDTS meets national, international and industrial inspection standards on a 24/7/365 basis working either on a specialized project or on turnarounds and shutdowns, which may be planned or unplanned.

We have the experience, technology and know-how to deliver high-quality inspection and testing services anytime, anywhere in the country.

Our professional inspections validate the integrity of your materials, processes and components, and can detect deficiencies prior to failure. These inspections help ensure quality, safety and productivity in your critical components, equipment and processes. The accuracy of our services also help you minimize both scheduled and unscheduled downtime, and promotes better budgetary and management decisions.

Who puts their faith in NDTS?

Tengizchevroil, KPO, NCOC, ER SAI, PFD, PSNK and CCC to name a few. Here in the Republic of Kazakhstan NDTS understands better than most that excellence in any inspection services starts with quality; right from the very beginning until the end of each and every project. NDTS are big enough to support any major project and still small enough to care.

Vision and Values

Maintain our position as providing a quality service, safely and on-time so that we remain the preferred supplier of specialist services and products, supporting industry in the Republic of Kazakhstan now and for the next generation.

Safety First in everything we do, Integrity in doing the right thing, Innovation to support continuous growth and improvement and Respect for ourselves and our company.

One Team One Goal!