Long Range Guided Ultrasonic

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Long Range Guided UltrasonicNDTS uses the state of the art Wavemaker (4) which generates waves propagating long distances, even beneath a layer of insulation. The ultrasound is transmitted and received from one single location.

The response from the metal loss feature is a function of the depth and circumferential extent of the metal loss.Long Range Guided Ultrasonic

Guided Wave tools are available in fixed ring and modular ring format. The fixed ring designs are suitable for pipe diameters up to 8-inches. For larger diameters, a modular ring up to 42-inches has been adopted. Guided Wave inspections help you to limit follow-up inspection and maintenance to the areas of real interest where the piping was found to be defective.

NDTS have provided GUL services since 2007 to TCO and KPO facilities.

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