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Radiographic TestingConventional Radiography (RT) is a nondestructive examination method that uses X-ray and Gamma ray for detecting internal imperfections, for measuring wall thickness and for detection of corrosion. With RT, the material is exposed to a homogenous ray from a radioactive isotope or an X-ray tube while a negative film is positioned behind the material to be examined.

After development of the film, thickness and density differences (material imperfections) will show as blackness differences.

Acceptance criteria define whether or not the indication is non-acceptable (a defect) or not.

NDTS licensed technicians and equipment meet all the ROK radiography regulations.Radiographic Testing

NDTS pipeline inspection capability benefits from decades of experience in the pipeline industry. Our procedures meet standard inspection specifications for Workmanship Acceptance Criteria or Alternative Acceptance.

We ensure that welding repairs are kept to a minimum by providing welders with quick and accurate process control feedback derived from our inspection data.

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