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Combustion Heat Treatment

NDTS has burners that will deliver an astonishing 100 million BTUs.

In addition to multiple safety interlocks and redundancies, these systems feature a turndown ratio of 100:1, which allows NDTS to vary heat output from candle intensity to full blast in increments as small as 1°F/hour. Output from 20HP blowers varies from 500 CFH to 168,000 CFH to ensure that heat is distributed evenly regardless of a vessel’s geometry

NDTS Combustion Heat Treating method may be used in a variety of applications including Post-weld Heat Treatment, Refractory Dry Out and Process Startup.

Post-weld Heat Treatment: Carefully controlled post-weld heat treatment.

Refractory Dry Out: The secret to long refractory life is a professional Dry out using NDTS’s high-velocity combustion systems to ensure that every inch of your refractory is heated under control as tight as one degree per hour.Combustion Heat Treatment

Process Startup: It is well known that process heaters are designed for a small range of temperatures. NDTS’s high-velocity combustion systems feature exceptional turndown ratios (100:1), so they can be programmed to increase from candle-heat to process heat in tightly controlled increments. It is the best way to minimize thermal stress and ensure long run-times in cyclone boilers, CFBs, steel mills, glass plants and other process applications.

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