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Accreditation Renewal

NDTS accreditation for ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environmental) and OHSAS 18001 (Safety) with DNV, an internationally recognised accreditation body, was up for renewal in June 2020.  Looking to support Kazakh national businesses, NDTS sourced a reputable local accreditation body, Premium Cert Qazaqstan LLP, who over a three week period in late 2019 carried out a review of our quality, environmental and safety management system which resulted in no major correction actions and the successful renewal of our three accreditation certificates.

Although NDTS system has now been accredited since 2010 and its use of a third party organisation, QVI, to carry out at least annual checks with additional visits as and when required, the management team were pleased to receive the okay from Premium Cert Qazaqstan LLP that they had been re-certified for a further 3 years to November 2022.

Kashagan Oilfield

5 June 2019

It has been reported that Oil output at Kazakhstan’s Kashagan field reached an all-time high of 400,000 barrels per day (bpd) on Tuesday.  Oil Production may raise to 410,000 bpd in coming months, two industry sources familiar with the development plan said.

Output has risen after the completion of maintenance on the oilfield in May.  Prior to this maintenance, daily oil production at Kashagan was about 330,000 to 340,000 bpd.

NDTS have been an active Inspection service provider during the build of this oil production plant on and offshore and also in the maintenance of the plant from first oil to and including May 2019 maintenance program and congratulate NCOC on this achievement.

Pre-Audit Planning

With NDTS annual accreditation audit due by DNV, in  addition to the normal ISO & OHSAS day to day routine work our pre-audit team have carried out a full review of our Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental system to ensure it best fits the work we carry out for our customers.  NDTS would like to thank Shahin, an independent advisor, in assisting the team in this annual task. 





Rope Access Inspection

Through the success of carrying out inspection work through rope access on clients’ work, NDTS has now established a permanent team for one of its major client’s.  In the right situations these provide access to inspection work that was previously difficult or costly to inspect using scaffolding or access platforms.  With the rope access inspection team using equipment that is lightweight and easily portable NDTS are able to provide greater flexibility and speed for inspection works.

NDTS’s Chief Operating Officer, Steve Dodd, said that “Through working with our client we identified an opportunity where we were able to offer an alternative inspection access method that allowed us greater flexibility at a reduced cost than more traditional inspection access methods, so saving the client both time and money”.